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Rectification of Registered Trademark– Trademark registration in Tirupur

Rectification of Registered Trademark

Any changing, alteration, or rectification in any registered trademark or inside the Register of Trademarks in any country, is commonly referred to as trademark rectification or rectification of the trademark sign in. The time period trademark cancellation is likewise used, especially in the case, whilst an application is filed for elimination of any previously registered trademark (or carrier mark) from the sign up of emblems. This very informative webpage gives exceptional and highly beneficial information regarding the trademark rectification in india, relevant to trademarks and provider marks associated with all 45 classes of the Nice classification.


In India, the Chapter VII of the Trade Marks Act of 1999 includes provisions and rights concerning the trademark rectification and cancellation in complete India. In general, the Application for trademark rectification is filed via the proprietor of the registered trademark, and the software for trademark cancellation is filed by some other aggrieved (third) person or entity for the purpose of casting off any registered trademark of some other man or woman/entity from the country wide register of emblems. The trademark rectification approach making any adjustments or refinements in any formerly registered trademark/carrier mark by the proprietor of the trademark itself. However, this demand may also be filed by using every other man or woman or entity unfairly affected. Solid and convincing evidences are to be submitted by using the applicant, especially inside the case of removal of any registered trademark of another individual/entity from the sign up of trademarks.

The most common grounds for filing an Application for trademark rectification or cancellation have been the following in India and abroad:

• Making any modifications, rectifications, or refinements in reference to any registered trademark/carrier mark, as according to the contemporary expertise or advancement

• Non-use of any registered trademark for over 5 years by means of the registered owner

• Non-renewal of the original or previous trademark registration in India

• Inclusion or addition of positive more class(es) of goods or services to the commercial enterprise gamut of the registered trademark

• Non-conformance to any or more grounds stipulated within the Section 9 and Section eleven of the Indian Trade Marks Act of 1999.

Procedure for Trademark Rectification in India

The utility for trademark rectification or cancellation is to be filed with the involved zonal Registrar of Trade Marks or with the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB). The technique for trademark rectification in india involves the following compulsory requirements:

• The application shape used for stressful trademark rectification or cancellation, that’s to be filed in triplicate, is the Form TM-26, or the Form TM-43 (for the collective or certification marks).

• A clear and crisp declaration of grounds, related to the application

• Evidences to guide rectification or removal of the required trademark

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1. When Can a Trademark be Rectified?

While applying for the trademark or submit it’s trademark registration, if the applicant of the trademark realizes that there were minor errors or if a few changes are required then the applicant can record for rectification with the Registrar.


2. What Action Can be Taken Against a Trademark That is Wrongly Registered or Wrongly Remaining inside the Register?

In case of the trademark being wrongly registered or wrongly remaining within the sign in, the Act permits rectification. Any individual aggrieved by way of the trademark can apply for rectification or cancellation of the trademark.

An aggrieved man or woman implies someone whose trading pastimes are tormented by the presence of the entry in the register.

3. What are the Grounds for Rectification?

The grounds for rectification may be categorized as follows:

• Error in the application form like the wrong cope with or contact information.

• Error within the info of the trademark along with class, description, classification, and design.

• Error in the details entered within the register.

• Modifying info in the utility along with the trade of applicant and change of copy with.

• Removal of the trademark registration when now not in use for five years and three months.

• Any other grounds prescribed and accepted with the aid of the Registrar.

• All the above grounds for rectification are diagnosed on the applicant’s end; however, there may be times in which the registrar orders for rectification on gaining knowledge of of some mistakes.

• Registrar can also order for rectification when an aggrieved person makes an application for rectification or removal.

4. How to Apply for Rectification?

The procedure for application for rectification can be divided into 3 categories:

• Rectification or cancellation initiated with the aid of the proprietor of the trademark – Apply inside the form “TM-16” in conjunction with prescribed fees.

• Rectification or cancellation initiated through the registrar – Form “TM- M” along with prescribed fees.

• Rectification or cancellation initiated by way of any aggrieved individual – Form “TM-26” along with prescribed fees.

5. Where Can the Rectification or Cancellation be Filed

The software can be filed inside the prescribed manner before the Trademark Registry in which the authentic application became filed or at the Appellate Board, and the Tribunal can also order the action of rectifying or cancelling the trademark, because it deems fit.

6. Process of Trademark Rectification

The method of trademark rectification in case of owner initiated and registrar initiated stays the same.

The following are the steps:

1. Submission of documents: The owner should post the applicable application(s) at the side of the alterations required and relevant documents (depending on the changes required)for supporting the alterations like identification proofs or deal with proofs.

2. Drafting of the utility: The applicant then needs to fill the relevant form with all the information.

3. Filing of the shape: The next step is to file the shape with the Registrar at the side of the prescribed fees.

4. Approval of government: The final step is approval via the Registrar and modification within the sign in as required.

When the rectification is initiated with the aid of an aggrieved individual, then the method is:

– The aggrieved character should observe within the applicable shape (as set out above) along side the cause for rectification and post it to the Registrar with the prescribed fees.

– Then the Registrar will send observe to the proprietor of the trademark to document a counter statement

– Both parties will have to record affidavits generating their evidence.

The effect of rectification can be that after hearing the case presented through both parties, the Registrar or the Appellate Board can both cancel, vary, add or do away with the entry. Trademark Act and Rules offer relief each to the applicant and aggrieved person to are trying to find rectification or cancellation of the trademark.

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