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Trademark Series, Concept and Position – Trademark Registration in Tirupur

Trademark Series, Concept and Position in India

The concept of trademark series is somewhat new in the field of Intellectual Property Law. The improvement of this types of trademark has as of late acquired pace, and is relied upon to give an unheard of degree of trademark assurance for the world’s of all shapes and sizes modern houses. However most countries have an arrangement or two in regards to the enlistment of trademark series, in the trademark regulation working within their individual regional cut-off points, including India,Bridge/Brain bridge choice of the Court of Justice of European Union is the most referred to one concerning conclusive rules on the issues on trademark series. What is your exact need?. Here, in this blog we will get to know about the Trademark Series, Concept and Position – Trademark Registration in Tirupur.


What is trademark series?

The trademark series or group of marks involves a series of marks with a goal of having a specific unmistakable fixing capacity as a place of recognizable proof for the appropriate public. As such, certain mark components can be managed the cost of more elevated level of assurance by enlisting them all within one application and utilizing a few marks containing a typical component, in this way securing elite directly over them, and uniqueness through earlier use.

Various marks contained in a series application, are basically indistinguishable and where minor contrasts are unimportant (for example a similar word mark addressed in italics, in capitals and in plain lower case lettering). ‘McDonald’s has laid out a progression of ‘Mc’ word marks. Instances of the McDonald’s group of trademarks incorporate ‘Mcdonald’s,’ McDonalds Hamburgers,’ ‘Egg McMuffin,’ ‘McChicken,’ ‘McDonuts,’ ‘Large Mac,’ ‘McPizza,’ ‘McCafe,’ ‘Chicken McNuggets,’ ‘McDouble’ ‘Chicken McBites’ and many others’ .

An owner might just utilize similar trademark on many classes of labor and products and attach an additional mark, name, or number to imply the species, without settling on the affirmation of the quality that the trademark might expect to accommodate each such item in any case. The trademark registration might demonstrate compensating for the trademark family holder while advancing his trademark family by forestalling every other person from utilizing a mark having last name for comparative labor and products, in any event, when the mark may not be beguilingly like a particular individual from the exchange mark family.

Concept of a trademark series or group of marks

Concerning the presence of a progression of marks, it is an issue of truth established on the normal deciding part’s peculiarity, advancement, publicizing, the family’s utilization, and incorporation within the set’s different marks or their use in everyday deals exercises in style, as to create normal exposure and accordingly affirmation of normal proprietorship established upon a part normal to each stamp. The fundamental imperative is that their character doesn’t get significantly impacted by the distinctions between the marks.

Constitutional highlights within every one of the individuals from a trademark registration family is that, every one of them share a word, syllable, prefix, addition, or other trademark that recognizes every one of them as an individual from that family.

In the expressions of McCarthy “A trademark proprietor might utilize a majority of marks with a typical prefix, addition or syllable. It has the chance to lay out that it has a group of marks, all of which have a typical “family name”. It depends on this to contend that respondent’s mark, which joins the “family last name”, is confusingly like the aggregate “family bunch”. As a result, the family “last name” or recognizing component is perceived by clients as a distinguishing trademark registration all by itself when it shows up in a composite… ..”

The prerequisite for supposition that a particular mark shapes part of a group of marks is the normal component. This necessity moreover applies to its appearance and position in the signs, however insignificant graphical dissimilarities in the normal component may not dismiss a supposition of presence of a progression of marks. Then again, adjusted or added letters in regards to the normal component ordinarily preclude an assumption of a group of marks

Concerning the utilization of the trademarks as series, the validation of the presence of a trademark series requires confirmation of registration in regard of each mark, alongside the evidence of their long ‘earlier utilization of every one of the part signs of a family’ . Whenever the presence of a trademark registration family is laid out, the propagation in the restricting trademark application which contains all-inclusive element of the group of marks can be adequate to declare chances of disarray and to offset the phonetic and visual contrasts of the marks when taken out and out .The general test not just being, whenever utilized by random endeavors whether the marks in the series would be viewed as confusingly like one another. Any qualification in the non-unmistakable person in the marks should put down the calculated, aural and visual independence of every one of the trademarks considerably comparable.

Consumer perception as for trademark registration as series, lies in the assumption of family stamps by the public which expects that the all-inclusive element of the marks at question by prudence of utilization has the significant peculiarity, skillful to give, as the great mark of a product offering, according to the objective local area of public and furthermore that the general population concerned perceives the normal piece of these marks as beginning from one endeavor.

The concept and position of trademark series in India

Truth that the concept started in the United Kingdom is an undisputed one. In regard Trade Mark Act 1994 the reference of the Beck Koller application, keeps on being as often as possible made, in which it was seen that a complaint taking the safeguard of the presence of a family or series of trademarks should be established on utilization of those marks, albeit this case is the greater part exceptionally old at this point. Like different regulations, Indian Trademark Law is likewise generally founded on English Trademark regulations, The Indian Trade Mark Act, 1999 is henceforth, a copy of the UK Trade Mark Act, 1994 and comprises of comparative arrangements in regards to group of marks to those in UK Trade Mark Act 1938. Anyway Indian Trade Mark Registry has taken on a few practices not quite the same as those in UK. Registration of various trademarks can be applied for as a series within one application under this segment. This is remains as an exemption while the common principle being that different applications ought to be made for each exchange mark. Each trademark in the series should fall within the class or portrayal of similar labor and products; this is an essential necessity of a trademark registration series application.


The two most significant highlights of trademark series is that initially every one of the individuals from a specific series is claimed by single owner and that every one of such part share a typical syllable, prefix or addition and furthermore the distinctions inside the characteristics of a series don’t influence considerably their personality. While laying out an exchange mark series, enlistment of each and their earlier use is the key. For public to recognize the product offering, normal part and particular person of the trademarks alone will be vital.

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