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Who may apply Trademark for Registration in Tirupur

Who may apply Trademark for Registration in India?

Trademark enlistments are broadly used to safeguard brand or trademarks or begat words that are exceptional to an individual or element. Trademark registration can in this manner be gotten by people or organizations or not-for-benefit partnerships. Nonetheless, every one of the different class of people or substance have various prerequisites while documenting a trademark application. In this blog, we take a gander at a portion of the prerequisites for documenting trademark application in view of the candidate type. What is your exact need?. Here, in this blog we will get to know about the Who may apply Trademark for Registration in Tirupur.


An Individual (Person)

An individual not doing any business is additionally qualified to document a trademark application and get trademark enlistment for a word or image that is proposed to be utilized by him/her later on. While recording trademark application as an individual, the complete name of the candidate is required.

Joint Owners

On the off chance that two people meet up and choose to record a trademark application, then, at that point, the names of both the individual should be referenced on the trademarkapplication.

Partnership Firm

In the event of partnership firm documenting a trademark application for Trademark Registration, the complete name of the Proprietor should be referenced in the application. A business name or partnership name isn’t satisfactory as the name of a person. This is on the grounds that a business name or partnership name is more in the idea of a nom de plume for the genuine individual and partnership firms are not a different legitimate substance. In any case, in the event that an partnership name or business name is remembered for the application notwithstanding the name of a singular candidate, those subtleties will be caught independently.

Example: “Vikas Kumar, an Indian National exchanging as G3 Enterprises”

Partnership Firm

In the event of an partnership firm petitioning for trademark application, the names of the relative multitude of accomplices are basically expected to be referenced in an application recorded by an organization firm. Organization firms are not considered as a different lawful substance and henceforth, the names, all things considered, should be referenced in the trademark application. Assuming the partnership firm remembers a minor for the organization, the name of watchman addressing the minor ought to likewise be referenced.

Example: Vikas Kumar, Abhishek Kumar and Dipti Prakash exchanging as M/s. G3 Enterprises, an Indian Partnership Firm enlisted under Indian Partnership Act 1932.

Limited Liability Partnership

In the event of a Limited Liability Partnership making a trademark application, the application for enlistment should be made in the LLP name. An LLP is a consolidated body. It has its own personality. Subsequently the Partner without anyone else can’t be the candidate, wherein the trademark should have a place with a LLP.

Example: G3 Industries LLP, a LLP enlisted in India under Limited Liability Partnership Act 2013.

Indian Company

In the event of a private limited organization or one individual organization or limited organization making a trademark application, the application for enlistment should be made in the organization name. An organization being an integrated body has its own personality other than its chiefs, subsequently a head of the organization can’t be the candidate, albeit the application can be marked and presented by the Director or any Officer, approved by the organization.

Example: G3 Industries Private Limited, an organization enlisted in India under Indian Companies Act 2013.

Foreign Company

In the event of a foreign integrated element making a trademark application in India, the application for enlistment should be made in its own corporate name, as enrolled under the far off country. The idea of enlistment, nation of fuse and the law under which the organization is enrolled, are to be referenced. Assuming the foreign organization has no chief business environment in India, the candidate’s location for administration in India ought to be referenced in the application.

Example: G3 Media LLC, a Limited Liability Company enrolled in the State of Florida, United States of America under the Florida Revised Limited Liability Company Act.

Trust or Society

In the event that a trademark application is made in the interest of a Trust or Society, the name of the Managing Trustee or Chairman or Secretary addressing the Trust or Society ought to be referenced.

Trust Example: G3 Trust, a Trust enlisted in India under Indian Trust Act 1882, and addressed by Mr. Vikas Kumar, its Managing Trustee.

Society Example: G3 Society, a Society enrolled in India under Maharashtra Co-usable Societies Act through its secretary Mr. Vikas Kumar.

Benefits of Trademark

A trademark is an immaterial resource for business that enhances it. It separates the goods or administration from the competitors winning in the market.Trademark registration can look like with the brand as they draw in the client, stands separated, effectively recognizable from the remainder of the others. Trademark is an advertising device for your business. A trademark is an indication of obligation to the organization, notoriety, and uprightness that helps the shopper in buying choices. Like in land business, the worth of resource increases in value throughout some stretch of time. In like manner, the worth of trademark to develop dramatically as the business develops. Like unmistakable resources, trademarks can be bought, sold or can be utilized as a security for acquiring a credit from the monetary organizations. Henceforth, all organizations actually must safeguard this important resource.


Registration of Trademark in India is somewhat modest. The expense of recording trademark has been brought down to simply some amount (comprehensive of expert charge, government expense, and duties) through Solubilis. Once, the application for trademark registration is documented it would require something like a half year to 2 years to handle the application and award the authentication relying upon the public authority handling. The application that started things out will be given need over the others documented after it. The Trademark application for another party might be dismissed if the “mark” proposed is like the “mark” proposed by you. Consequently, First start things out serve is the reason for handling the application for enlistment of the trademark.

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