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Trademark registration in Tirupur

A trademark is a unique means of separating one company from another. To put it another way, trademarks are distinctive marks that establish a company’s identity.

There are various kinds of trademarks. The following are the types that businesses use the most:

Name or word

  • Logo
  • Symbol
  • Book title
  • Packaging
  • Specific smell
  • Taste
  • Sound

It is critical to take note of that Trademarks can have an enrollment, or they can likewise be without enlistment. However, trademark registration in Tirupur has more advantages.

Importance of Trademark registration

Trademark registration in Tirupur is the best technique to defend your image. At the point when you register Trademark in India, you get the restrictive privileges to utilize it.

Notwithstanding, one can likewise rent Trademarks to acquire additional pay. Trademark registration in Tirupur is governed by the 1999 Trademarks Act.

Consequently, you must submit an application to the Registrar of Trademarks in order to obtain an online trademark registration in Tirupur.

Intellectual property can be registered as a trademark by any individual or legal entity. You can use the ® symbol after registering a trademark, and you can use the TM logo when filing an application.

To comprehend the concept of trademark registration in Tirupur, learn more about the distinction between Registered Trademark symbol® and Trademark TM.

Benefits of Trademark registration

There are a few advantages when you get trademark registration in Tirupur. The following are the most immediate advantages:

  • Many enormous organizations offer a wide assortment of products and services.
  • Starting a new business and having trademark registration in Tirupur helps you stand out from the competition and build a strong personal brand.
  • Trademark registration in Tirupur gives you lawful insurance. As a result, your rivals cannot misuse or harm your brands’ reputation.
  • You can enjoy trademark registration in Tirupur benefits for a decade after completing this one-time registration process.
  • You can protect your mark worldwide by registering your trademark internationally.
  • Trademarks are a fundamental resource for each business. As the organization develops, the worth of the Trademark additionally increments.
  • After a successful trademark registration in Tirupur, your product or service gains popularity among consumers.

Trademark registration process flowchart

There are numerous intricate steps involved in the trademark registration process. Therefore, the Trademark Registration Process Flowchart can be utilized to clearly comprehend the steps.

Trademark search

The first step in the process flowchart is Trademark Search. A professional or an applicant conducts a trademark search to locate a registered or filed trademark that is identical to the applicant’s trademark.

Here we need to utilize the information base of the Trademark Registrar to lead the inquiry. Because this is the first step, it needs to be done with care.

Trademark application preparation and filing

You are able to begin the application process if your trademark is unique. The Trademark Enlistment application ought to be documented in a particular configuration to the trademark registrar. You must also pay the trademark registration application fee at this stage.

Essential things to mention in the application

  • Logo or other mark in high resolution
  • Specific class
  • Date since Trademark is in use
  • Information regarding goods and services
  • Nature of business
  • Identity proof of the business
  • Address of trademark owner
trademark registration in tirupur

Trademark application allotment number

The system will give you a unique application number after you submit your trademark registration application. After a trademark application has been approved, you will receive this allotment number within one or two business days.

This interesting number permits you to follow the application status through the whole enrollment process flow chart. It’s important to remember that you should always have this number handy. The reason for this is that the Trademark Registrar can reject your application if they discover any errors in the trademark or application. You can then utilize this allocation number for replying to the objections.

Vienna Codification process

It is a well-liked method for keeping track of trademark infringement. Using Vienna codification, the Trademark Registration Department verifies the originality of trademarks in 29 categories with numerous subcategories.

Typically, the Vienna Codification Process for a trademark takes between three and five business days. It can accept significantly longer as it is an internal process, and the candidate can and doesn’t have to do anything more here.

Complete process

An in-depth examination of the trademark is the next stage of the Vienna Codification process. The examination of the trademark is the responsibility of a Trademark Officer in this location.

The Trademark Officer would then produce a trademark examination report and verify the accuracy of the trademark application.

The Trademark Officer has the option of challenging the trademark registration application or either approving it and allowing it to be published in the trademark journal. Presently here are the two potential results:

  • You can apply for Trademark Objection Reply Online and promptly submit a response in the event of official opposition. They will proceed with the procedure if the official is pleased with your response.
  • The official will move the application to India’s official gazette or official journal in the event that there is no TM Formality Check Failure.
  • The Trademark Registrar’s approved trademarks are all covered in the weekly trademark journal.
  • After the trademark is published in the official journal, individuals and businesses have the right to object to its registration (Trademark Opposition) if they believe it will have an impact on them for a legitimate reason.
  • You must apply for a trademark hearing in front of the trademark hearing officer if the trademark is opposed.

Final step

  • You will receive the Trademark Registration Certification once each objection or opposition has been successfully resolved.
  • The Trademark Certificate shows that you have got trademark registration in Tirupur and that only you can use it.
  • You can now additionally begin utilizing the ® image to feature your trademark registration in Tirupur.

Recent news

Worldwide drive-through joint chain KFC can’t guarantee any elite freedoms according to the utilization of “chicken”, the Delhi High Court has said. Kentucky Fried Chicken International Holdings LLC appealed the Senior Examiner of Trademarks’ refusal to register “Chicken Zinger” as its trademark, and the court made the observation.

The court also noted that KFC still owns the word marks “Zinger” and “Paneer Zinger,” and that the rejection of registration for “Chicken Zinger” appeared to be based on the use of the word “Chicken,” over which the restaurant chain cannot have any exclusivity, and that no such claim was also being made.


Thus Trademark registration is important.

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