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Trademark registration in Tirupur

Trademark registration in Tirupur

A trademark is a unique means of separating one company from another. To put it another way, trademarks are distinctive marks that establish a company’s identity. There are various kinds of trademarks. The following are the types that businesses use the most: Name or word It is critical to take note of that Trademarks can […]

An overview of Trademark registration process in India

An overview of Trademark registration process in India

Here in this blog we have discussed about overview of Trademark registration process in India and also benefits of protecting your business mark. Chiefly, trademark is a type of intellectual property rights and it can be a word, name or symbol or combination of both, acquired by any type of business people or company in […]

How to register Trademark for your brand in India?

How to register Trademark for your brand in India?

In this blog, we will get to know about register Trademark for your brand and also the eligibility for Trademark registration. Generally, Trademark refers to a “brand” or “logo”. Trademark gives your business separate identity. It also indicate the origin as well as the quality of the goods.  A brand could be a domain name, […]

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Trademark and Logo Registration – Trademark Registration in Tirupur

Trademark and logo registration in India Trademarks are likewise utilized as a method of securing buyers. To keep a decent standing, will regularly work more earnestly to offer quality types of assistance and items. Trademark registration give insurance to the two organizations and shoppers, making them a significant piece of running an effective organization. What […]

Trademark Duration in India – Trademark Registration in Tirupur

Trademark Duration in India In simple terms Trademark is regularly referred to as a brand. Trademark implies a mark fit for being addressed graphically and which is equipped for recognizing the products or administrations of one individual from those of others on the lookout and may incorporate the state of merchandise, their bundling and mix […]

Multi class Trademark Application – Trademark Registration in Tirupur

Multi Class Trademark Application: Benefits and Drawbacks In India, law and arrangements identified with Trademarks are represented under The Trademarks Act, 1999, and the Trademarks Rules, 2002, as might be altered occasionally. Trademark registration essentially implies an imprint that is fit for being graphically addressed and might actually recognize products and additionally administrations. It is […]

Trademark Litigation in India – Trademark Registration in Tirupur

Trademark litigation in India A business is recognized by its organization name and logo. It is a trademark sign that separates the labor and products of an endeavor from other comparable administrations, tormented in the commercial center. An organization name and logo is additionally perceived and depended by clients, henceforth most organizations apply for trademark […]

How long registered trademark valid? – Trademark Registration in Tirupur

For how long is a registered trademark valid? A TRADEMARK is a word, expression, image or plan, or blend of words, expressions, images or plans are utilized over the span of exchange which recognizes and recognizes the wellspring of the products or administrations of one undertaking from those of others. A SERVICE MARK is equivalent […]

Trademark Injunction in India – Trademark Registration in Tirupur

Trademark injunction in India Trademark registration in Tirupur is simply the primary step. The Trade Marks Act, 1999 is that the primary law governing trademarks in India. The law covers variety of offenses like misapplication of trade, misapplication of trade mark, making or possessing instruments to misrepresent trademark registration in Coimbatore, misrepresentation of trade description, […]

Things to know about the Online Trademark Registration in Tirupur

Things to know about the online Trademark Registration Process A trademark is a visual representation of a name, word, label, device, or numerical character used to distinguish it from its goods and / or other similar goods services and / or services received from various businesses. A trademark acts as a unique identification of goods […]

Identical Trademark in India – Trademark Registration in Tirupur

Identical trademark in India A trademark (commonly known as brand names in common parlance) is a visual symbol that may be a source of goods, a signature, a name, a device, a label, an issue or a word indicating the colours or services used, or other commercial articles that Origin is to distinguish it from […]

Trademark Passing off – Trademark Registration in Tirupur

Trademark passing off The term ‘trademark’ refers to a brand or logo that represents a business. It is a visual symbol of a signature, name, device, label, number, or combination of colors used by a trademark owner for goods or services or any other articles of commerce. Moreover, it means the difference between similar products […]

What is trademark assignment in India? – Trademark Registration in Tirupur

What is trademark assignment in India? Any owner of a brand or trademark has the right to sell, license, transfer, etc. its trademark. Trademark assignment is the process of transferring ownership of a trademark from one person to another. The trademark owner transfers all rights of the trademark to the receiving party. The trademark owner […]